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Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS.

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What is a Rhinoplasty Specialist?

It is a well-known and accepted fact amongst Plastic Surgeons that Rhinoplasty is the most complex and elegant of all Cosmetic Surgery operations. In fact some Top Board Certified Plastic Surgeons will not perform nose jobs and will refer the Rhinoplasty patient to a specialist. What may seem as a “simple hump removal” or a “simple tip refinement” is often a series of very precise surgical maneuvers that can easily be misjudged and over-corrected or under-corrected by the novice Plastic Surgeon. View More Videos

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Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS.

The Naderi Center If you are going to electively change the most prominent feature, on the most visible part of your face, wouldn't you seek a true specialist? That is precisely why so many people from all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, fly in to Washington DC, year after year, to undergo Rhinoplasty, or Revision Rhinoplasty, by Dr. Shervin Naderi. Learn More

Real Testimonials

Dagi J.
My 14 year old daughter (Nessi) played handball at school and, as usual, went for the ball when given a chance. Unfortunately she bumped full force into a boy and broke her nose. [...]
Wilhelmina S.
"I would like to thank Dr. Naderi for reshaping my nose and giving me the confidence I needed so much to live my life without thinking about my nose at all times [...]
I am very pleased with your work on my nose and thank you again for specializing in Rhinoplasty [...]
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