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Ethnic Rhinoplasty Virginia

For many years, the “ideal nose” in rhinoplasty procedures performed in the United States was based on the Caucasian model. However in more recent times, rhinoplasty surgeons no longer use this cookie cutter approach where one size fits all.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty procedures involve special considerations because the nose should match the rest of the face, providing the improvements and enhancements sought in the nose. The goal is to achieve an aesthetic result while retaining a natural appearance for the patient. While some patients like to bring in photos of movie stars or other persons whose noses they admire, other patients simply want their nose straighter, more refined and balanced with their face. This can be achieved while maintaining one’s overall ethnic characteristics and facial harmony.

Some common techniques in ethnic nose jobs include bridge augmentation and nasal base reduction. Bridge augmentation can be performed using one’s own cartilage (nasal or ear cartilage) as well several well-tolerated implant materials. Nasal base reduction can reduce the size of the nostrils as well as narrowing the overall width of the base of nose. Learning surgical limitations is important in order to develop realistic expectations. If you would like more information about ethnic rhinoplasty, contact a rhinoplasty surgeon expert for a free consultation.