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Caucasian Rhinoplasty Virginia

We coined the term “Caucasian Rhinoplasty” as an alternative to “ethnic Rhinoplasty.” In fact, Caucasian Rhinoplasty and ethnic Rhinoplasty and Black Rhinoplasty and Asian Rhinoplasty and Hispanic Rhinoplasty and German Rhinoplasty and French Rhinoplasty and Swedish Rhinoplasty are all simply describing the exquisite plastic surgery operation that molds and changes one’s nose in order to improve it.  All forms of Rhinoplasty simply unveil the beauty of the eyes and lips.  A Rhinoplasty will not “make” a person beautiful.  A Rhinoplasty will simply remove the distraction of an unattractive nose on an otherwise beautiful woman or handsome man.

Caucasian Rhinoplasty usually involves dealing with thin or medium thickness skin of Fitzpatrick 1 through Fitzpatrick 3 skin type, with the combination of strong cartilages.  Closed Rhinoplasty as well as open Rhinoplasty are both options for Caucasian patients.  Thin nostril skin predisposes white patients to alar notching or alar retraction and the plastic surgeon must be able to diagnose and correct this issue.

It is not rare for white Rhinoplasty patients to have nice or adequate nasal tips and all that is necessary is correction of the bridge or straightening of a crooked traumatized nose through a closed or external scar-less Rhinoplasty.  For specific issues in Rhinoplasty please see the appropriate sections discussed by Dr. Naderi on this website.