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Italian Rhinoplasty Virginia

The Italian nose or the Roman nose is characterized by a strong prominent nasal bridge or dorsum often with a high radix or nasal starting point. This nose often fits male Rhinoplasty patients better than female Rhinoplasty patients who desire a more cute and feminine nose. However, it is extremely important to have a thorough pre-operative consultation dialogue, using computer imaging so that the male as well as female Italian Rhinoplasty patient can see his or her new nose job goals and be able to give input and suggestions. If a plastic surgeon does not allow or encourage this precise dialogue to occur, he may perform an over aggressive reductive Rhinoplasty and end up with a very unhappy post nose job patient who cannot identify with the new facial changes and perceives the results as a botched nose job. These Italian patients will want to “go back” to their old nose, and end up regretting their initial decision to undergo a nose job. They seek augmentative revision Rhinoplasty to build their nose back up. All of this could easily be avoided if the patient had sought out a Rhinoplasty Specialist that had partaken in computer imaging in order to end up with a nose similar to the patient’s initial goals.