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Jewish Rhinoplasty Virginia

The term “Jewish nose” is a commonly used term by Jewish patients to affectionately describe a nose usually with a large dorsal hump and prominent over-projected nasal tip. Perhaps the only other term in Rhinoplasty used with such endearment is “the Italian nose” used to describe a nose with a very strong and high bridge. Many Jewish patients and many Italian patients respectively use the phrases “my Jewish nose” or “my Italian nose” to describe not only their nose but a nose that characterizes their family traits and even race and ethnicity. Often times I hear patients struggle with a desire for a more refined nose while at the same time trying to not offend their families by “erasing” signs of their particular family heritage.

While the Rhinoplasty techniques for the “Jewish nose” &/or the “Italian nose” are no different than the Caucasian nose or the Middle eastern / Mediterranean nose, the pre-operative dialogue and Rhinoplasty goals must be clarified in order to end up with a happy post-Rhinoplasty patient. While the plastic surgeon can create a beautiful and natural looking nose for the Jewish or Italian patient, without pre-operative computer imaging, the results may be too drastic (or occasionally not drastic enough) for the particular patient. Again, this highlights the importance of computer imaging and the unmistakable value of thorough and unrushed Rhinoplasty consultation. The plastic surgeon must respect each individual patient’s wishes and while guiding the patient, never force the patient into choosing a certain type of Rhinoplasty result. A rhinoplasty specialist surgeon has the diagnostic tools as well as the operative capability to help guide the patient and end up with a beautiful post rhinoplasty nose, respecting each patient’s wishes, heritage and ethnicity.