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Septoplasty Virginia

While rhinoplasty is most often a cosmetic operation, septoplasty can also have cosmetic benefits and vice versa. A crooked nose is often partially due to a deviated septum and correction of the crooked septum can help straighten out the nose with cosmetic and functional breathing improvements. Conversely, a deviated septum that is also accompanies by a crooked nose may need to be addressed together otherwise simple attempts at correction of the crooked septum without correction of the crooked nose may only be partially effective at correcting the deviated septum – if at all.

The nasal septum is made up of various components of bone and cartilage with connection to the skull base and coverage with mucosal lining on both sides. Not only does the anatomic structure of the septum lead to nasal airway obstruction issues but the health of the mucosal lining itself has a large part in the nasal health and breathing ease of each patient. Allergic rhinitis, inflammation, collagen vascular and auto-immune diseases, cocaine use, infections, trauma and genetically deviated septums and other causes can lead to nasal airway obstruction.

A rhinoplasty specialist surgeon who is a facial plastic surgeon with training in both ENT- Head & Neck Surgery as well as Plastic Surgery of the face, head and neck is best equipped to deal with these complex issues. For straight forward septoplasty, most general ENT surgeons do a very fine work.