The term “ethnic rhinoplasty” has been used by plastic surgeons and patients for many years, to describe rhinoplasty on non-Caucasian patients. The term is no longer that accurate or specific as there are many races and ethnicities with different nasal anatomy and facial proportions requiring different analysis and various rhinoplasty techniques. At the end of the day, a rhinoplasty specialist surgeon will be able to properly diagnose each individual’s face and nose and suggest options using computer imaging and then be able to carry out a well thought-out and safe rhinoplasty to improve the nose of the individual patient. The most crucial aspect is proper diagnosis and judgment in order to give each “ethnic” patient a nose that fits his or her face without distracting from the other features. It’s important to discuss the goals with each “ethnic” patient thoroughly. While some patients want a nose that is more “Caucasian” or westernized, others prefer to have a more aesthetic nose that simply still fits their face and does not distract or erase their cultural heritage. Please read more about each specific ethnicity or race below:

  1. Dr. Naderi’s ethnic Rhinoplasty patient with Asian & Latina heritage underwent reductive closed Rhinoplasty to enhance the beauty of her eyes.