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Aging Nose Rhinoplasty Virginia

One of the most common questions on the mind of younger patients, their parents as well as much older patients is, “what is the best age for a nose job?”

There is no upper age limit for Rhinoplasty as long as older patients are healthy and in good medical condition for Rhinoplasty. Nose jobs on a patient in his or her 70’s can actually make them look younger by correcting a droopy “ptotic” tip or a “hanging” long nose. Often times a much older Rhinoplasty patient will look more rested and youthful as if they underwent a facelift by just improving their nose. There are plenty of older patients who have wanted a nose job for many years but for one reason or another were not able to accomplish their goals till later in life. These patients are often extremely grateful and appreciative after a successful nasal reshaping by a Rhinoplasty Specialist.