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Augmentative & Reductive Rhinoplasty Virginia

Rhinoplasty or Nasal Reshaping is not simply a matter of removing cartilage and bone. This was the mistake of the Plastic Surgeons doing Rhinoplasty 20 or 30 years ago, and unfortunately still repeated by some Cosmetic Surgeons today. Rhinoplasty may involve removal of cartilage, bone or nostril skin but may also involve addition of cartilage, bone or fascia. Many times, a Rhinoplasty Specialist will rearrange cartilage during Rhinoplasty or reshape cartilage, using sutures.

However, you can group some nose jobs into “Reductive Rhinoplasty” where the size of the nose needs to be reduced overall. Or a nose job can be classified as an “Augmentative Rhinoplasty” if the size of the nose needs to be increased overall. For example, many Middle Eastern, Jewish, and Mediterranean patients undergo Reductive Rhinoplasty while some Asian patients undergo Augmentative Rhinoplasty.