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My Philosophy & Approach

A nose can be BEAUTIFUL and still look NATURAL. These should not be conflicting goals. Bringing harmony to the face, through nasal reshaping, results in a balanced appearance; the nose should not distract attention from the intrigue of the eyes and the beauty of the lips. A successful Rhinoplasty is seen in the eyes!

I believe honest pre-op dialogue and meticulous surgical technique lead to happy patients and extremely low revision rates. What puts a smile on my face is seeing the smile on a grateful patient after the splint is removed, knowing they made the right decision.

As a Rhinoplasty Surgeon, I know what I can, as well as what I cannot deliver surgically, through a successful Rhinoplasty. I always make sure my patients fully comprehend the goals of a Rhinoplasty in order to have realistic expectations and a happy outcome. The direct goal of Rhinoplasty is not to improve a patient’s career, social life, or love life. A better nose does not result in such ‘gains.’ A better looking nose is simply just that – a better looking nose. However, after a successful Rhinoplasty, often times with the newly gained increased self-confidence, these ‘gains’ may be seen as an indirect side benefit.”

Having an exclusive dedication to the art and science of Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty, combined with a compassionate and detail-oriented approach, translates into beautiful, yet natural looking results. When a doctor puts his patients’ happiness and interest before his own financial gain, he will do the right thing and end up with very satisfied patients. Many times, ‘doing the right thing’ means talking some patients out of unnecessary surgery if I see a Rhinoplasty is not in their best interest.

  1. Actual Rhinoplasty patient of Dr. Naderi. Patient underwent a 12 minute elegant closed finesse rhinoplasty to simply make her nasal tip blend better with the rest of her nose. She had been told by another prominent Washingtonian plastic surgeon that she required a major 4 hour open rhinoplasty but luckily she came to Dr. Naderi and avoided a potential disaster

A Plastic Surgeon’s attention to detail and artistic sense should be visible as soon as you step inside his office. Almost every person who walks into our office in Virginia says our place looks and feels more like an inviting, modern home than a typical doctor’s office. Our elegant office in Chevy Chase Maryland makes fashion boutiques such as GUCCI, Tiffany & Co, and Cartier pale in comparison. A dirty or sloppy medical office can often translate to a careless doctor and/or staff. Attention to detail and meticulousness counts in every aspect of a plastic surgeon’s life.

An exclusive specialization in nasal surgery allows me to have an intimate practice and be able to focus on my patients’ surgical goals, aesthetic desires and facial proportions to truly give them a beautiful nose that fits. I do not have the distractions of throwing seminars or Botox parties or purchasing expensive Lasers. I enjoy focusing on one small part of the body as opposed to being a jack of all trades, because a more focused scope gives me a sense of comfort knowing that I am providing the best possible care for my patients.

I have a total hands-on approach to my practice and take pride in it – from designing and decorating my own offices, to getting to know my patients on a personal level. Each patient is much more than just a chart or a nose. I personally spend up to an hour and a half on the initial consultation, getting to know each patient and their respective goals. I often ask my patients to take time and do more research and return for a second consultation just so I know they are making a rational and well thought-out decision.

To further enhance the communication process, I use computer imaging to give my patients a view of the nose that best fits their face, with plenty of options or versions, so they can see the difference one or two millimeters can make. It’s not just what the nose should look like; it’s what the nose can look like. It’s important to me that as the cosmetic surgeon, I perform all of the imaging rather than a photographer, making sure what I show on the computer screen is surgically plausible.

A significant portion of our patients fly in from other parts of the United States, as well as Canada, Europe and Asia. My office caters exceptionally well to these out-of-town patients who fly in just for their Rhinoplasty. A well-versed office dedicated to concierge service at every turn, and an amazingly competent and attentive staff caters to and satisfies every one of our patients’ individual needs, from hotel transportation and everything in between.

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS