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Feminization vs. Masculinization Virginia

While this may seem to be a very important topic carrying with it potential underlying psychological issues, sexual identity issues and body dysmorphic issues, it is also a very simple concept at some levels. For example, a very petite and attractive female patient with a large and masculine nose will want to undergo a feminization reductive Rhinoplasty to create a nose that fits her face and stature better. There is nothing unusual about this scenario. A very tall and muscular male patient with a small, upturned nose may want to balance his face by undergoing an augmentative masculinization Rhinoplasty. He may have been born with his current nose or more likely it may have been the result of a botched nose job by another plastic surgeon.

Yet there are patients who want to completely change their faces, noses and even identity. Some patients desire concurrent eyelid surgery, eyebrow surgery, facial implants, orthognathic maxillo-facial surgery, lip surgery, etc. While an older patient desiring a facelift and a concurrent Rhinoplasty does not raise any suspicions, a younger patient desiring Rhinoplasty and a series of facial altering cosmetic surgeries should raise some questions. Questions do not necessarily mean this patient is not a candidate for elective facial plastic surgery but questions must be asked and satisfactorily answered before proceeding.

While Rhinoplasty is very common amongst gay and lesbian patients and the evaluation is not any different than heterosexual patient seeking Rhinoplasty, Transgender patients do require much deeper evaluation and psychological screening prior to proceeding for elective Rhinoplasty. Even the most cautious, safe and ethical Facial Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Naderi only gets to see and know his Rhinoplasty patients during several consultations, while each patient’s family, friends, primary care doctors and psychiatrists will undoubtedly “know” the patient better and their input is invaluable.