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Male Rhinoplasty Virginia

Men have always been interested in Rhinoplasty and male patients make up a significant portion of the nose job seeking population.  Most men desire simply a better nose and want a natural looking improved nose.  Most men do have a healthy attitude towards male Rhinoplasty and have proper realistic expectations.  However, there are some men who should not be offered Rhinoplasty due to their psychological characteristics and predisposition.  Some Plastic Surgeons have gone as far as refusing to operate on any and all male Rhinoplasty patients in order to avoid operating on this small but troubling segment of the nose job seeking population.

For all men, computer imaging is crucial.  Men are not used to drastic changes of their facial appearance.  Unlike female patients who may be comfortable with makeovers resulting in changes in hairdo, hair color, makeup, even eye color with variations of contact lenses – male patients usually have not had such experiences and do not tolerate such changes easily.  Some men may be unable to “identify” with their new face as result of their new nose even if the nose job is perfectly successful.  Hence, computer imaging is very important to get men prepared and not surprise the male Rhinoplasty patient after cast removal.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is not confined to women and can afflict male Rhinoplasty patients as well.  More specifically, there have been scientific papers published about the SIMON (Single Immature Male Over-expectant Narcissistic) patient.   This acronym is self explanatory and such patients become obsessed with their noses and are rarely satisfied post Rhinoplasty.