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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Virginia

“Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty” was not a medical procedure until just a few years ago. Essentially the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a procedure where various fillers are injected into the nose in order to create a better contour to the nose without surgery. This procedure was coined and even trademarked and heavily promoted by Dermatologists and non-rhinoplasty-surgeons like Dr. Alexander Rivkin as the Non-Surgical Nose Job TM.

While the procedure does have a role and some merit, it is over used and abused by patients and doctors. In reality, it is a fine procedure but only when performed in the properly selected patient population.

The ideal candidates are:

  • Patients who would benefit from cartilage onlay grafts to the dorsum, in a normal surgical Rhinoplasty. In such cases, “safe” fillers can be used in the office with little down time instead of placing cartilage grafts along the bridge of the nose.
  • Patients who after a Rhinoplasty develop a slight indentation on the nose. Safe fillers can be used instead of a minor revision or while waiting until a minor revision.
  • Asian patients who seek a higher bridge, depending on the tip position.
  • Patients who realize the non-surgical nose job is not a replacement for a true Rhinoplasty.

There are significant limitations to the non-surgical nose job:

  • Only safe Hyaluronic Acid fillers like Juvederm or Restylane should be used
    • Artefill, Radiesse, Silicone and other longer lasting fillers should be avoided as they can result in severe irreversible scarring, granuloma reactions and hard to treat infections.
  • Only small amount of safe fillers should be injected
  • The nasal tip should generally be avoided
  • Computer imaging should be done to show the patient what a non-surgical Rhinoplasty can achieve.
  • For informed consent and full disclosure, patients should also be informed as to what a true Rhinoplasty can achieve. This means that the best person to perform a non-surgical Rhinoplasty is a Rhinoplasty Surgeon or at the very least a Plastic Surgeon rather than a nurse injector, Dermatologist, etc.

With the proper patient selection, education and expectation, nice results can be achieved with a non-surgical nose job. But ideal patient selection, as well as thorough education regarding realistic results and limitations is the responsibility of the ethical surgeon.

Typically, a non-surgical Rhinoplasty costs fractions of what a true surgical Rhinoplasty costs. There are always risks of infection or allergic reaction but when Juvederm or Restylane are used, the most common risk is a minor bruise. The down-time is practically none to perhaps a few days in case of a bruise.