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Saddle Nose Virginia

Saddle nose is usually a collapsed and flattened nose.  Often it refers to the middle section of the nose but it can affect the tip and the upper third as well.  Most times, there is a lack of underlying septal cartilage support at the dorsal septum.  Boxers and professional fighters with multiple nasal fractures commonly present with a saddle nose deformity.  Sometimes a true saddle nose deformity will look like a nose with a dorsal hump to the novice plastic surgeon.  There is a clear distinction and this must be determined prior to the rhinoplasty surgery.

Correction of the saddle nose involves addition of cosmetic cartilage grafts such as dorsal only grafts taken from the cartilage of the septum or ears or ribs.  Correction of the saddle nose may also involve addition of structural cartilage grafts such as spreader grafts, caudal septal extension grafts, columellar strut grafts, etc.